Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Sited on the campus of a liberal arts college, Logjam is a gathering space and outdoor classroom for the Lycoming College community. Drawing on the logging history of the surrounding town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Logjam mimics the massing of logs that once covered the local Susquehanna River, forming furniture profiles for sitting, eating, meeting, performing, lounging, and other activities.

Williamsport is the historic site of the Susquehanna Boom. During the height of the Boom, close to one million logs were held floating in the river before being sorted and sent to sawmills. Logjam’s form is derived from the intersections of the logs floating in the river, facilitating the various seating positions. The section of the benches is determined by projecting the even divisions of a circular log onto a rectilinear volume. A structure of steel frames is faced with surfaces of sapele lumber.