Courting Miami

Miami Cultural Center, Miami, Florida

Courting Miami is a fabric arcade that shrinks, softens, and reinterprets existing elements - the arch, the colonnade, and the courtyard - from Philip Johnson’s Miami Cultural Center into a series of intimate spaces. Reflecting the colonnades of the neighboring buildings, a series of fabric arches assembles and mutates in the courtyard, forming diagonal tunnels that connect the site’s various programmatic arms and shade visitors. 

Within the grid of arches, panels are omitted to create three small courtyards, each lined with a single color fabric and a perimeter of benches. These intimate spaces are a welcome reprieve from the vast desolation of the existing courtyard, providing both shade and seating. The colored fabric panels billow gently in the wind, softening the hard edges of the site and washing the stucco walls with colored light.